Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tiny Pull-Ups!

When shopping in the diaper aisle, I have often seen the Pampers training pants that come in size 1T/2T. I often thought (smugly, as my first two girls didn't potty train until they were 3 1/2) that it was ridiculous to try to train a baby that young. Of course, Abbie is already two years old, but she's so petite that - guess what? - she's wearing those tiny "panties" now! She loves them, and is so proud to have panties like her sisters. She is tinkling in the toilet at least once a day. It's still not a complete habit - more of a novelty - but she enjoys it so much that she tries often enough throughout the day and she has success at least once a day. And she refuses to use the potty chair - nothing but the grown-up toilet will do for her! You should see her, this tiny little girl perched on the edge of the toilet seat, usually looking down between her chubby little legs to watch the miracle happen again and again! Yes, there are many photos!

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