Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Supper!

I can hardly believe I'm saying this - the end is in sight! Last Friday night, we ate our first meal in our nearly-finished kitchen! Not much cooking involved - a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, corn on the cob and fruit from the local farm stand, and juice boxes. But it gave us a real feel for the space, and how great it's going to be when we can finally move back in! I might actually enjoy cooking once in a while!

Hannah Z. Cormier, First Grader!

Last Wednesday was Hannah's first day of First Grade! She was unbelievably excited, and looked absolutely adorable in her little "First Day" dress (with matching socks, of course!). And I only cried a little bit as I dropped her off at school. She loves her teacher, Ms. Michael, which is just as it should be for a first grader. She is now in school for a full day, and it's pretty tiring for her right now, but she's getting used to it. However, I am having trouble getting used to her being gone all day. The mornings go quickly, but by mid-afternoon, I find myself missing her terribly and watching the clock until the bus brings my little Hannah-boo home!

C'mon, Mom, let's get moving!

Greeted by Miss Michael ("She's beautiful!").

OK, Mom, you can take your camera and go now!

Hannah Cormier - Kindergrad!

Just had to share this portrait we had taken of Hannah in her Kindergarten Graduation dress and cap!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rachelina Ballerina!

Our Rachel was a yellow flower in her ballet recital this Spring (yellow, you may recall, is her absolute favorite color!). She suffered through the whole hair/makeup/costume thing (she's really not into that stuff), but had a wonderful time performing. She just lives to dance! She and two other little "flowers" danced to a song called "God Made the Flowers", and they "bloomed" out of huge, terra-cotta colored plastic pots. Al and I sat in the front row, tears rolling down our cheeks. She was just precious!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Addition! The bedroom is in the corner, and the long row of windows is our dining room, with a new door for easy access to our play yard! Note the new air conditioning unit - ahhhhh! Posted by Picasa

The corn is as high as a Cormier girl's eye (even higher)! The farm across the street from our house - we'll miss it when it becomes a subdivision! Posted by Picasa

Make way for ducklings...and Cormiers (at the Public Garden in Boston)! Posted by Picasa

Rachel cools off in the sprinkler on a hot day Posted by Picasa

Hannah creates a work of art on Nana's driveway Posted by Picasa

Abbie helps Nana with her flower garden Posted by Picasa

I did a little hiking in New Hampshire with Abbie (she's sound asleep here). This photo makes me look downright outdoorsy! Posted by Picasa

After about 100 shots, this is the best photo we were able to get of all six cousins together! (Rachel, why so grumpy?) Posted by Picasa

Rachel and Cousin Mi'Shell love to blow bubbles! Posted by Picasa

Hannah and her cousin Christopher share a love of dinosaurs (they worked together to assemble these models). Posted by Picasa

Abbie and her cousin Naomi are watching the big kids play Posted by Picasa

Abigail is acquiring a taste for the finer things in life - fresh Maine lobster! Posted by Picasa

Rachel and Hannah examine a mussel shell found on the beach in Maine Posted by Picasa

Enjoying Niagara Falls Posted by Picasa

Our lovely bathing beauties on the beach of Lake Michigan, first day of our summer vacation Posted by Picasa

Rachel was a beautiful yellow flower for her ballet recital! Posted by Picasa

Hannah, Rachel and Abbie in Hannah's classroom on Graduation Day Posted by Picasa

Hannah on Kindergarten Graduation Day! Posted by Picasa