Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thank You, God...

...for my wonderful husband, who is really my best friend, and the only person in the whole world who truly "gets" me.
...for my Hannah, my creative dreamer, artist, musician, who gives awesome "squeeze hugs".
...for my Rachel, my busy, active little ballerina, everyone's best friend, my "sunflower" and ray of sunshine.
...for my Abigail, my little princess who loves her family and all babies, my little magpie, dancer, snuggler.
...for our extended family - Al's and my moms, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles - all loving reminders of who we are and where we come from.
...for our warm, comfortable home surrounded by corn fields and prairie preserve and a creek, the horses in the pasture, and a kitchen I actually enjoy cooking in now.
...for my cupboards, pantry, two refigerators and Big Freezer full of delicious and (mostly) nutritious food.
...for my faith, and the fact that I can worship, read the Bible, pray, and teach my children with complete freedom, without fear of persecution.
...for my music, and that I have had many new opportunities in the last few months to play and sing, especially for the Lord.
...for my friends, both old and new, with whom I share so many aspects of my life - China adoption, education, music, children.
There's so much more - I'll keep adding, I'm sure...
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Tell me what you're thankful for!

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