Saturday, May 03, 2008

Birthday Portraits!

Every year, we take the girls to have their birthday portraits taken. This year, they all had a great time posing for the camera. It was difficult to choose just a couple of favorites - I think our family is going to keep JC Penney's Portrait Studio in North Aurora in business!

So here they are - Hannah, age 9; Rachel, age 6; Abigail, age 4, and the Sister Love 2008 portraits!


Brenna said...

Your girls are so lovely! And kudos on your cleaning frenzy. Great results.

Susan said...

Absolutely precious! I love the one where they're kind of huddled together and laughing.

Susan (another SR mom)

Kerry said...

Love the photos! I take my girls to JCPennys in North Aurora too- love the job that they do.
Your girls are adorable.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful group of girls you have!! You are so blessed! Enjoy the whole American Girl journey. :)

ladybug Wendy