Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crafty Christmas

The girls and I gave a few homemade gifts this year. In addition to some knitted gifts, here's what we made....

Rachel made these craft foam snowflake ornaments for her classmates (I'm reminded of a blizzard).

Hannah made these little jingle bell ornaments for her classmates. Note to self: hot gluing 20+ bows and hanging ribbons results in a few blisters!

Here are all their gifts bagged up, tied with wire garland and labled. I won't tell you how long it took. And then, school was canceled because of snow on the last day before vacation, so they sat around our house for an additional two weeks!

I made some strawberry/cranberry and peach jams for teacher and bus driver gifts this year. It was fun to decorate the jars with homespun fabric and jute twine! The cotton batting puffed up the fabric just a bit.

The girls made these gifts for the Grandmothers in our family. Abbie made the candle holder (tissue paper adhered to a glass jar with liquid starch), Rachel made the snowman ornament (his head is a little mirror with white paint sponged on it), and Hannah made the picture frame decorated with Christmas-y buttons. That's this year's Christmas card picture in the frame.
I really enjoyed all this crafty-ness, but next year, I'm starting earlier!


Welcome to four kids for us! said...

We are going to name you crafty Mama! We gave our bus driver a Dunkin Donuts gift card. I thought he might want a cup of coffee after his cold bus run. Wow, you have gone all out and the crafts are beautiful. I am impressed and I bet the teachers were so touched to receive such a kind gift. It sure makes the holidays fun and memorable with the girls to do these special projects. Thanks for the ideas.

Natalie said...

I cannot believe how crafty you all are. Everything looks great. Especially the jam. Yummy

Allison said...

You are SUCH a good mom!

Kristy said...

How precious! Your ideas were so perfect.
We too, did homemade gifts this year - they were a huge hit. I'm already thinking of ideas for next Christmas........I know. I'm nuts.
Blessings ~