Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Shower of Love

Last weekend, moms from all three of my China travel groups got together and threw me a baby shower for David. There were 20 women all together, and we had a wonderful time, talking about our children and sharing stories of our different adoption trips.

I received some wonderful gifts for David. Lots of cute little boy clothes with puppy dogs and frogs, some toys, including some trucks, and the adorable bedding I had chosen with jungle animals on it. But the biggest surprise was the generous contribution to our travel fund. Such a generous, loving gesture!

How good it felt to be surrounded by so many special friends, women who have become my extended family, and who are all so excited about David's arrival!

This sign, David's name written in Chinese characters, greeted me at the front door. I cried the moment I saw it.

We took pictures of each travel group. First Hannah's...

...then Rachel's...

...and then Abbie's.

Then, I set the timer on my camera to get this shot of everyone!
I can't wait for David to meet all his "aunties", wonderful women who have become such an important part of my life, and whom I love dearly! I know they already love him, too!

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