Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy One-Year Gotcha Day, David!

What a difference a year can make!
Family "portrait", one year ago in Taiyuan, Shanxi Civil Affairs office.

We three now.

David, his first evening with us.

Our boy now.

We Are Family!
There have been a lot of germs floating around our house these days, so not much time for introspective blogging. But I can't let today pass without celebrating our wonderful boy! We thank God for his presence in our family every day!


Mindy said...

A beautiful family...thanks for sharing:)

Lizzy and Annie's Mom said...

I loe that we hae all become extended family!!! Love you David!

Dina said...

Happy Gotcha Day......The Lord has been good!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

You have a beautiful family! :)
It's so wonderful that you are able to give these children a loving home! :) I would love to do the same, some-day...although it seems we don't make enough money to adopt. Strange, isn't it? (As we can provide well with very little.)

Oh well...whatever the Lord wants, will happen! :) I am so, so glad *you* ARE able to do this...what a blessing! Those children look absolutely loved! Enjoy your week!

Amber said...

You have a very beautiful family!