Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Earlier this month, Al and I took the kids to our adoption agency for their annual Cookies With Santa event. Last year was David's first Christmas with our family, but we missed seeing Santa due to a snow storm on the day of the event (and my instincts told me that taking David to see a mall Santa would just not go well at all). So this was David's first visit with Santa and his first chance to enjoy a tradition our family has grown very fond of.

David couldn't wait to show Santa his picture in the Sunny Ridge newsletter!

David was excited to meet Santa "in person" and had no trouble getting up on Santa's lap!

Santa gave each of the children a small gift to open.

Having a little chat with Rachel...
Santa gave Abbie a craft book for making little fairies (Santa knows how much Abbie loves to do crafts).
David spent a lot of time on Santa's lap, just taking in all the excitement.
We treasure this annual family tradition!

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