Thursday, April 13, 2006

Our Little Fashion Model!

"Our next model, Hannah Zhipan Cormier. The daughter of Al and Becky, Hannah looks fresh in this silk dress, with floral ribbon detailing and sequins. Interestingly, this dress comes complete with its own bag for very easy laundering.
"Hannah is the oldest of three sisters and the family is awaiting a referral for another sister, hopefully later this year! Hannah enjoys a diverse group of activities including singing, learning to speak Mandarin Chinese, Tae Kwon Do, science and nature, dinosaurs, knitting and playing violing. This year, she rode the school bus for the very first time.
"Hannah's best friend is Abbie. These two kindergarteners were friends and played together in China before their moms and dads adopted them. In the future, Hannah wants to have six children! Thanks, Hannah!"
- Copy read about Hannah as she modeled at the Sunny Ridge fashion show last Saturday, April 8th.

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