Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Busy, busy time!

April was incredibly busy, and it doesn't look like things will let up any time soon! Here's a quick rundown of the events of the last couple of weeks...

4/18 - We celebrated Hannah's 7th birthday
4/19 - We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary
4/22 - Big Gotcha Day party with Hannah's travel group
4/22 - Hannah's (and Al's) first Daddy/Daughter Dance
4/24 - Digging began to move septic system
4/25 - Septic system moved
4/26 - Digging began for basement
4/28 - Began pouring basement concrete
4/28 - Had fingerprints taken for Sarah's dossier
4/29 - Hannah's birthday party at Joann Fabrics
5/2 - Celebrating Rachel's 4th birthday

And on and on it will go for the next month or so! I will post about these events in more detail as time allows (and as I am able to upload photos). All I can say is that my head is in a spin, but in the very best way! All these things are happy (well, maybe not moving the septic!), my family is well, and we are blessed! That's what counts!

Stay tuned...

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