Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hannah's Birthday Sleepover

Last Friday night, Hannah had a few of her friends over for a birthday sleepover party. It was a wonderful time! The girls played outside, ate pizza and strawberry shortcake and drank root beer floats, did a craft, and gorged themselves on cheese popcorn and Doritos while watching "High School Musical" in their jammies. They finally fell asleep around 11:30 (I suppose it could have been worse). Also, one of the girls' little brother spent the night, as their parents were at a benefit that evening. I really expected to have to drag them out of their sleeping bags the next morning, but they were all up by 6:30 (lucky thing I had my coffee by then!).

At one point, while we were watching the movie, Hannah turned to me and said, "Mom, this is the best party ever!" That made all the preparations and lack of sleep more than worth it!

Hannah, Lydia and Stacey sitting on top of our play house!

The happy birthday girl!

For a craft, the girls decorated men's undershirts to make nightshirts to take home!

The girls (and Joshua) enjoying "High School Musical" and junk food!

Breakfast the next morning.

I also have to state for the record, that these children were all a delight to have in our home! They were very well behaved, extremely polite, and kind to the little ones. Their parents are doing a great job raising them, and they are all welcome in our home any time!


Kathy and Joel said...

What a fun evening that must have been! This is the first time that I have stopped by your blog (I think...) and I wanted to say hi because we are only a day apart in LIDs. We are logged in August 14, 2006.

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all!


Mommy Spice said...

Oh how fun. I do look forward to the little sleepovers. High School Musical is the best!!