Monday, April 23, 2007

My Little Bible Hero

On Wednesday nights, Hannah attends Adventure Club at our church. It's an opportunity for first through fourth graders to learn about the Bible, memorize scripture, worship, as well as play games and do crafts. One night last month was Hero Night. The children were invited to come to Adventure Club dressed as their favorite hero, either someone from the Bible, or maybe a sports hero, or someone they knew personally. Both Hannah and her friend Anna decided they wanted to go as their favorite Bible hero, Abigail, because, as they learned at Adventure Club, "She made peace!" I was at a loss about how to dress Hannah, but fortunately, Anna's mom (my good friend, Lisa) is very creative, and whipped up these great costumes out of an old bed sheet and some scarves. The girls looked awesome! And they learned about the woman Hannah's little sister was named after!

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