Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Own Little Chess Club

A few weeks ago, Al introduced Hannah to chess. He was a member of the chess club when he was in school, and he often wishes he had friends to play with now. It appears he has found a worthy opponent! Well, she's just learning, but she absolutely loves the game! And she hasn't just memorized how each piece moves - you can see she's actually working on strategy. "If I move my whatchamacallit here, Dad can move his thingamajig there." Recently, Rachel and Abbie were playing outside, but Hannah opted to stay on the deck with her Dad and play a few games of chess - she loves it that much! And we bought a beautiful set in China that they have been enjoying.

Your move, Dad!

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Amy said...

David loves checkers and wants to learn chess. If I knew I would teach him! :) Lookin' good! I'm impressed!