Friday, July 13, 2007

May I Recommend...

LL Bean's Junior Book Pack!

All my girls are very petite for their age, especially compared with their American-born classmates. When it came time to shop for a backpack for Hannah to take to Kindergarten, well, they were huge! I'm not kidding - almost as big as she was! Then my friend, Betty, told me about LL Bean's Junior Book Pack. That summer, we were visiting Al's family in Maine, so we stopped by the LL Bean Store (a little piece of heaven right here on earth, thank you!). Hannah tried a few on and they were the perfect size for her! They are still large enough to hold standard-sized folders, notebooks and binders - there's just less empty space. And at $19, they're an incredible value! You can get backpacks a little cheaper at Target and WalMart, but they're not nearly as well-made. Hannah's has lasted through Kindergarten and First Grade, and she'll use it this year for Second Grade as well - it still looks great and all the seams are intact. Today I ordered one for Rachel to take to Kindergarten. They come in solid primary colors and a few really cute patterns. No, no Hello Kitty or Barbie, but hey, kids go through those phases pretty quickly anyway!

So for those of you with children who are a little smaller - especially many of our "China Girlfriends", I highly recommend these backpacks when it's time for school!


Amy said...

I just got their catalog the other day and was thinking about getting one for my younger two. Thanks! Amy

Sue said...

I'm glad I checked in on your blog...we got the catalog the other week and I was looking at the backpacks. Josie (from Hannah's SWI) wanted the pink w/ a butterfly embroidery but they don't do it on the smaller sizes. We got a Lands End catalog and they also have a junior size w/ embroidery, so we are planning on getting that one. But I do love the LLBean ones! I got DH one when he went to grad school!!

Sue B