Friday, August 29, 2008

So Many Pictures, So Little Time!

Some highlights of our summer in pictures!

We spent a morning at a wonderful wool shop called Esther's Place in Big Rock. Miss Natasha taught the children the process of turning raw wool into yarn.

Hannah trying her hand at carding wool.

Mmmmm... that feels wonderful!

Now Miss Natasha spins the wool into yarn.

We took a trip into Chicago with friends Lydia and Audrey (and their mom, Sara) for a city park picnic and a visit to the Chicago Historical Museum.

Fun in the sun with good friends.

The beautiful Chicago skyline provided a great backdrop for our picnic. (Note Audrey and Rachel making faces for the camera!)

The girls had fun sitting in a giant Chicago-style hot dog at the museum. (Maybe Audrey's mom won't notice that she's about to eat that giant stuffed tomato slice!)

The girls had a couple of riding lessons this summer, too!

Abbie taking Gracie out for a ride.

Now it's Rachel's turn!

And here's Hannah on Rosie.

Hannah's a real natural on a horse!

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