Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Years

As of today, that's how long our dossier has been logged in at the China Center for Adoption Affairs in Beijing.

That's also about how long we still have to wait before we receive Sarah's referral (at the very least).

I can look at the glass as half-empty (two years already, and still two more years to go). Or I can look at it as half-full (hooray! we're halfway there).

I'm making the conscious decision to be joyful today, to enjoy my life and family as it is today, and to "look to the future with hope" (the meaning of Hannah's Chinese name).

Besides, I am "Chinamama4", you know!


Susan said...

I really feel for you guys. The wait is awful! Fortunately you've been through it before and have a great attitude, but I know how hard it is, and my heart is heavy when I think of all the people waiting for their little ones.

Keep seeing that glass as half full!

Kim said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I'm so glad to visit you again! Do you really think it could be another 2 years of waiting?! I guess I have hopes of it speeding up after the Olympics. Any thoughts on that?