Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anyone Remember This Movie?

"The House Without A Christmas Tree" was made for TV in 1972 when I was 9 (OK, go ahead and do the math - I'll wait...). I watched it every year for several years. The story takes place in 1946. Addie, the main character in the movie, is 10 years old. She lives with her grandmother and her widowed father, who refuses to have a Christmas tree because it reminds him of his wife who died when Addie was a baby. It's a wonderful story, and I just love Addie's spunky personality.

I found this movie on VHS several years ago, and just last week, discovered it in the $5 DVD bin at WalMart. Our family watched it last night, and the girls really enjoyed it. It is now one of our Christmas Classics, along with "It's A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story".

Now I need to find "The Homecoming" (the Waltons' Christmas movie) on DVD...

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Welcome to four kids for us! said...

That sounds like a great movie idea for a holiday gift for your family. Maybe your Vermont cousins can add to your movie collection. (Hint hint) I love your movie choices. I always wanted to live in the Walton's house. Enjoy your week!