Sunday, December 07, 2008

Cookies With Santa!

Every year, our adoption agency hosts a "Cookies With Santa" event. We always try to bring the girls for this - it's a wonderful way for the girls to visit with Santa in a much more personal environment than the mall. And I get to take a whole bunch of pictures!

They wore the matching sweaters that Daddy bought for them at LL Bean when he was in Maine last month.

The girls are eyeing the yummy cookies and punch!

They had a nice long visit with Santa.

The girls really put Santa to work, peppering him with dozens of questions!

He gave them each a little gift (art supplies)!

Funny story: The first thing Abbie did when she walked up to Santa was to start tugging on his beard. Santa was very good natured about it! After a sufficient amount of tugging, she pronounced, "Yup, he's the real one!"

On our way out to the car, Rachel looked up at me and said, "Mama, now I know he's real!"

You betcha, Sweetie!


Welcome to four kids for us! said...

David and I had a good laugh over Abbie's comment about the "real" santa. It is so like Abbie! What a fun day and how nice that you could spend time with Santa. My kids are counting down the days until he visits us too!

Flamingo Mama said...

your girls are beautiful!

my3 kids said...

What beautiful girls you have. We have a daughter from Yangxi as well..she will be 4 in January. Nice to "meet" you and I look forward to visiting again:)


Natalie said...

Becky, your girls are beautiful. How very blessed you all are. Our Yangxi girl is 2 years old and filled with so much energy!
I cannot wait to read more of your blog.

Jackie said...

Every year, I look at your pictures from this event and think that we should go, too. But we never make it. It's really neat to see how much the girls are growing. It's obvious that they enjoy this tradition!

Karin Katherine said...

Lovely! Not at all like our Santa encounters! LOL