Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Fifth Birthday, Abbie!

Happy fifth birthday to our sweet baby! I can't believe how grown-up she's getting. Five just seems so, well, mature! It's school-age. Such independence! But I still call her "The Baby"!

Thought I'd share a few baby photos of Abbie...
This is her referral photo. The first glimpse we ever had of her, and the earliest photo we have.

This is one of my favorites, taken while we played on the hotel bed in Guangzhou.

Love those soft little terry sleep-n-play outfits! Cuddly!

She was already pulling to stand and cruising the furniture and walls when she was placed with us at 8 months! Check out the cute feet!

Playing in her kitchen - age 10 months.

Her first Christmas, 10 months old.

Pretty in pink!

Snoozing in her high chair.

I love this shot of Abbie, examining the wave drum so intently. Love those little feet!

Playing peek-a-boo in her high chair.

Abbie would walk around the kitchen, pushing our little plastic "Naughty Chair" in front of her like a sort of walker. Note the chubby thighs and feet!

Snoozing in the Exersaucer I would put her in to keep her safe while I showered. She slept well in odd places - too bad she didn't sleep so well in her crib at night!

I always bathe my babies in the kitchen sink when they're really little!

One-Year Portrait

Two-Year Portrait

Three-Year Portrait

Four-Year Portrait

Our Abigail Lihuan today!

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live2qlt said...

Happy Birthday Abbie! It's hard to believe that the girls are turning 5! I hope Abbie had a great Day!