Monday, February 16, 2009

In Honor of Rachel's Six-Year Gotcha Day...

...a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to adopt Rachel!

Waiting patiently at the Civil Affairs office.

The official footprint.

Walking to the Friendship Store in Changsha.

Rachel fell asleep on the playroom floor at the Dolton Hotel. She's wearing an outfit that Hannah wore in China, too (down to the socks).

Rachel's always been my good sleeper!

Snoozing again, this time at the Yun Tai Gardens in Guangzhou.

She always wakes up in a terrific mood!

Posing on the famous red couch with our social worker, Bethanne, and our China facilitator, Bill.

Rachel was such a good eater!

Eating some more for Mama!

Trying something new with Daddy.

Did I mention she loved to eat?

She even gave the remote a try! Look at those great, chubby legs!

She adored her Daddy from the moment she met him!

The only baby I know of who smiled through the Guangzhou medical exam!

Enjoying her Daddy's music at the Dolton Hotel piano.

Daddy reads a favorite book to her. Doncha just love those chubby little feet? I still love those feet!

Such a happy, cheerful baby! Check out those cute yellow shoes!

We love you so much, Rachel Zhiheng! You fill our lives with sunshine, laughter and love!


Susan said...

What precious photos! Congratulations on your anniversary.

Our Rachel is also from Hunan province -- many of your photos had familiar backgrounds! It was good to see Bethanne and Bill, too.

Allison said...

Yeah! I loved looking at you guys and Rachel on her Gotcha Day--happy 6th Gotcha Day Rachel & Cormier Clan! You are loved!

four kids for us said...

This was a wonderful post and it gets me so excited for Sarah! Rachel is such a love and a sweetheart. I love how you can see the personality of the girl we know today in her baby photos. Love the photos and hug that special girl for us.