Friday, November 13, 2009

Today I had to drive down to our adoption agency to drop some stuff off. Well, I didn't have to go in person - I could have just dropped it in the mail and it would have gotten there by Monday, which would have been fine.

But no, I did have to go.

I appreciated the hour and a half round-trip drive. Quiet time to think, pray, listen to some good radio. But what I really needed was to just connect with our agency, even if only for a couple of minutes.

I don't get to go to the OB for periodic checkups. No ultrasounds. When you're waiting to adopt, particularly from China, all you've got is a couple of pictures (in our case, 9-month-old pictures), and some dated medical and developmental reports. And you do a whole lot of "hurry up and wait", and you don't really know for how long. There's no "due date", really. So sometimes, you just need to connect with someone who is helping you through the process. Just to get that feeling that it's still happening. That it's still being worked on.

I'm not complaining (well, maybe just a little). I'm actually making a conscious effort to treasure this time. Afternoons to myself while the girls are in school, doing things with our big girls, savoring the anticipation of a new little one in our family. But when David finally gets here, we will be so ready!


Kathleen said...

It feels so good to do even the little things while you are waiting. It all adds to the story of how your family came to be...I treasure those times as well and find them so special.

Waiting with you:)

Bobbi said...

I too savored the moments with the girls, my little time I had to myself and the anticipation of a new one coming home.

I agree that the trip to the agency was necessary for you. It makes you feel connected to the life you are about to bring home.