Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update On David

Yesterday we received a wonderful gift - an update on our David! Bill, our agency's facilitator in China, contacted the welfare institute where David is living, and asked them a long list of questions we had given him. Here is some of what he found out for us...

Our little guy is a pudge! He is in the 25th percentile for height, but the 95th percentile for weight! The really good news, though, is that his growth is staying on the curve, so he's a healthy boy - what we most hoped for him!

His development is normal and on target.

He likes vegetables! Oh, happy day! Let's see how long that lasts...

He enjoys balls, toy cars, a rocking horse and a slide.

He naps from 12:30 to 2:00 - not very long. Wonder if he has an early bed time.

He's not potty trained yet. Which is fine with me. I was hoping he'd either be entirely potty trained or not at all. That in-between stage is rough when they're transitioning to their new family. So we'll tackle that once we've been home a while (oh, joy!).

He is afraid of strangers. I'm thinking our placement is going to be interesting.

He is called "Shi Shi", so that's what we'll call him for a while. I like it!

He uses regular bottles to drink. It sounds like he has learned to eat and drink without special equipment. Don't know if he's ever used a sippee.

Just these little bits of information have really lifted my spirits! This is a challenging time - we know about him, we know he's going to be our son, but there's no activity right now - we're just waiting. The new little bits of information help it to feel more "real" for us - he's a real boy, not just some paperwork being shuffled around!

We're hoping for new pictures soon...

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Kathleen said...

This is great Thanksgiving news and we are so happy that he is healthy. I like the veggie part the most....He might just be the kid every parent dreams of!!!

I hope you get news soon to travel. It would make a great Christmas gift for sure.

Waiting with you,
Auntie Kaye and Uncle David:)