Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Family's Story

Our adoption agency, Sunny Ridge Family Center in Bolingbrook, IL has a new page of stories of families who have adopted a waiting child from China, to help encourage families who are considering this wonderful program. Our family's story is currently on that page. Go read it here!


Allison said...

OH Becky. I'm just speechless. What a blessing to have watched the hand on the Father mold and blend your family according to His will. Sigh. We just continue to rejoice with and for you and each of your children!

Susan said...

What a nice job you did telling your story! I've enjoyed watching your family grow through your blog.

Kathleen said...

You are a wonderful writer and I am just in love with this precious little guy. We can't wait until November when we are all finally together in one place. (Even though it is small):) God writes beautiful stories....I love that you have a son:)