Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of School, 2010 Edition

Yes, I've been totally MIA this summer. I'll come up with some good excuses at a later date. In the mean time, we've had school to think about!

Monday was Meet-the-Teacher, Supply-Drop-Off day. I managed to survive getting all three girls to their new classrooms and to visit last year's teachers, all with a wild toddler in tow.

Abbie and First Grade teacher, Mrs. D.

Rachel and Third Grade teacher, Mrs. L.

Hannah and Fifth Grade teacher, Mrs. S.

Two days later came the Big Day! As the girls put on their shoes and gathered their things to head out the door, David realized he needed his shoes and backpack, too!

Official First Day photos (to be seen again on the last day of school for comparison purposes)!

Fifth Grader

Third Grader

First Grader

Wishing he could go to school, too!

Waiting for the bus...

Each year, on the first day of school, I give each girl the option of either riding to school on the bus or driving them. Except for Kindergarten - I reserve the right to have Al and me drive the child to school and to have a good cry on the way home. This year, Hannah and Abbie rode the bus, and Rachel asked me to drive her to school.
Meeting up with friends.
Big shot fifth grader, ready to roll!
David ran to Abbie when he saw her in the first grade crowd. She was more than happy to give him a big hug. Made me cry...


Mindy said...

Such great pictures!! I like the drive/ride bus option too - but I always end up at school either way:)

Kathleen said...

Wow, it just seems like yesterday they were all in preschool and watching Dora...I am loving each day as a mom and holding on to each moment because they are all growing up so fast. You have a beautiful family and I love how David wants to be just like his big sisters:)

Bobbi said...

UMMMMMM, guess I missed the part where they all grew up!! I was all good until the last pic.......then I had tears!! What a great family you have.

We start next week, and I am NOT ready.

Sara said...

Awww... They are changing so quickly. I hope you'll have a little more time for blogging now.

Mrs. Linden is the only one of your girls' teachers I know, but she's great. Have a good schhol year!