Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thirty Years, or "I Can't Possibly Be THAT Old!"

One of the highly detail-minded members of my high school class' Facebook page noted yesterday that our commencement ceremony was held exactly thirty years ago.

Go ahead, do the math. I'll wait... Yeah, evidently I'm THAT old!

Anyway, in honor of this significant anniversary, I headed to the basement and dug up a few photos of the event...

Receiving my diploma from our pricipal.

With my parents after the ceremony. (Sorry, Mom, but I do NOT miss the fashions of the early 80s!)

With some high school friends. L to R: Lynda DiStefano (who went on to study communicative disorders at Boston College); Gina Picerno (who studied voice at New England Conservatory); Susan Chen (who studied clarinet at University of Rhode Island); me (studied violin performance at URI); Diana (Dee) Wells (studied equine studies at Johnson and Wales College).

My Dad got a little artsy with this commencement-themed still life.

A few nights eariler, my friends Dee, Gina and I had a portrait taken at Senior Prom.

Our reunion will be held in October - I'm looking forward to attending!

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Mindy said...

You STILL look so young! Thanks for sharing the fun photos:)