Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School: 2011 Edition

Today was the first day of school for the girls. (David starts next Monday.) Everyone took a long time to fall asleep last night, and jumped out of bed ahead of schedule this morning. Wouldn't it be nice if every morning went so smoothly!

Hannah was nervous but excited for Sixth Grade - first day of Middle School.

Our family's tradition is to have the girls choose a special outfit to wear for the first day of school and then for their school portraits for that year. The outfit Hannah chose was very "her" - sparkly top, capri-length jeggings, super-cute flats, dangly earrings. (Note the oboe case for band!)

She's thrilled with the cool backpack she chose from LL Bean while we were in Maine.Hannah's bus driver was Mr. O, a dear man who remembered that he drove her to her first day of Kindergarten, and now, her first day of Middle School!

A little over an hour later, Rachel and Abbie were ready to head off to their school - Rachel is in Fourth Grade and Abbie is in Second Grade!

The outfit Rachel chose was also very "her" - cute plaid top (she really likes plaid), green Bermudas and new sneakers. In her backpack is a little bottle of maple syrup she bought in Vermont for her new teacher, Mrs. Richards!

Abbie's outfit reflected her personality, too! There's a little sparkle in the cami underneath her henley, and she chose a flirty little skirt and shiny silver flats. You can see she is holding a little gift for the bus driver - a clay daisy she made. She loves making little gifts for the special people in her life!

Check out the sweet little daisy in her hair! Her own personal touch!
Here they are, ready to take on the world!

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Mindy said...

These are just TOO precious! Can't wait to chat about it all:)