Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Mom" by Rachel (4th Grade)

Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence
(I was going through the kids' school work that they took home at the end of the year and found this poem in Rachel's writing notebook...)

Mom, you are caring
Mom, you are sweet
You make all the food that our family eats
You laugh at my jokes
Even when they're not the best
Compared to other moms
There is really no test
And when I feel sick
Or feeling quite down
You make the world sunny
And lift up my frown
You're helpful at homework
Even when you don't know
What 10x10 is
Or something like so
You are a great mom
But the thing that's above
All the things that I'm saying
Is the way that you love!

(Must read this on those days when I'm feeling I have done nothing right all day...)

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Jackie said...

This is so lovely - what a wonderful find! You're right to keep it for those days when you forget how great you are and what Rachel - and all your children - appreciate about you. You are very lucky, and so very blessed!