Monday, June 18, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 18th (Post Vacation Edition)

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Outside my window... grass is dry from the heat, and the weeds are overgrown.

I am thinking... of all the things I need to do to get our family back to normal after vacation, and where to start with all the fun activities I have planned. There are lots of lists involved.

I am thankful for... the time we spent visiting with family in New England these past two weeks. And for the closeness that grew among the six of us during the trip.

I am wearing... my coffee cup jammies and a pink hoodie. Gonna take it slow this morning.

I am going... through my Pinterest boards, planning a few fun things to do with the family this week.

I am creating... this year's Christmas list. Already. One of the bloggers I read regularly (Clover Lane) gets all her Christmas shopping done by the first Sunday in Advent so she can really enjoy the season with her family. That's my goal.

I am currently reading... nothing. I spent all my car time on vacation knitting a baby gift for our niece's new baby girl, and am now working on a Christmas gift. Besides, reading in the car makes me sick. But I'm ready to dive into Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See this summer.

I am to knit cables. It's not hard!

I am hoping... to get started on painting our bedroom and bathroom downstairs. We're moving our bedrooms around this summer and I'd better get started as it's going to be a big job.

I am looking forward to...checking out the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair this Saturday. All that yarn and knitting - mmmmm...

I am hearing... the hum of the air conditioner (it's hot here) and that's about it. My exhausted family are all sleeping in, giving me some cherished quiet time.

In the kitchen... not much. The cupboards and fridge are bare, and I must do a big grocery shop today to restock. But there is fresh fruit - lots of it - as I sent Al to the Jewel last night. It's so yummy this time of year, and a welcome treat after all that fast food on the road.

Around the house... suitcases and backpacks to unpack, piles of laundry to wash, just a big ol' mess.

One of my favorite things... this early morning quiet time of mine.

A few plans for the rest of the week... besides unpacking and doing laundry, a trip to the library to stock up on summer reading material and sign up for the summer reading program, a mom's night here with the moms from Hannah's China group, the fiber fair, and a reception for our adoption social worker who is retiring. And I think I see a Slip 'n Slide in there, too!

A peek into my shopping and a Target run, but mostly just getting us all settled in at home. Hoping it's not too hot for the kids to play outside.

A picture I'd like to share...
The Cormier Crew, Camden, Maine


Mindy said...

So glad you're back! I love when you posts these:)

Sara said...

Oh Becky I miss you guys so much! I love reading your blog because even though your life can be hectic, even crazy, you recognize the beauty and embrace it all. You inspire me! As for the family photo. I love seeing you all. Rachel and Abbie are looking entirely too grown-up, but that's not going to stop, is it? I hope you had a good time at Target.