Monday, October 11, 2010

The days are flying by, Shi Shi is growing and changing daily, and there are just so many little "Shi Shi-isms" I don't want to forget...

  • He's learning some of his letters: A, O, P, T, Y, and of course, D, "for Daaaaaaave!"

  • He's such a compassionate little soul. If he sees someone is hurt or upset, he goes to them, gently touches their back or arm and says, "K? K?" (As in, "Are you OK?")

  • Even though he can say her name properly now, he still calls Hannah "Nani".

  • After seven months, he will finally sit and let me read a book with him. Up until now, he just couldn't sit still for more than a couple of seconds to focus on a book. We are now looking at board books together before bed. After each one, he holds up his little index finger and says, "One more!" - about a dozen times! And he brings me books and pleads with me, "Reeeeeeead!" like Rachel used to do when she was his age.

  • Speaking of pleading, he has mastered, "Pleeeeeease, Mommy!" when he really, really wants something. Soooooo hard to resist...

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