Saturday, September 23, 2006


In April 2000, we traveled to China to adopt Hannah (our oldest, now 7). In our group of families traveling together were Greg and Betty, a couple who have grown to be two of our dearest friends. They were traveling to adopt their daughter, Abigail Grace, who was at the Xinyu Social Welfare Institute with our Hannah. While meeting with the Assistant Director who brought our girls to us in Nanchang, we were told that Hannah's and Abbie's caregivers were friends, and often got the girls together to "play". They gave us a few snapshots of the two women standing together holding the two girls. So we have always refered to Hannah and Abbie as "Girlfriends". Over time, they really have become girlfriends, and our families have grown very close. Now, every year, we take the girls to have their portrait taken together (we started when they were three), and have, over the past several years, added Abbie's little sister, Nora, and Hannah's two little sisters.

Abbie and Hannah "chat" at the Hard Rock Cafe in Guangzhou. ("Hey, have they given you something called 'Cheerios' yet? They're awesome!")

The Girlfriends today, age 7!

The Girlfriends and their Little Sisters!

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