Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Our Friend, Suzie

Some of you may remember that on our first trip to China to adopt Hannah, we befriended a young lady who worked in the Business Office of the Lakeview Hotel in Nanchang. For some reason, she seemed to have a real "connection" with Hannah, and was enthusiastic about keeping in touch with us. She called herself Suzie at the time, though she now goes by Christine. Three years later, when we returned to China to adopt Rachel, Suzie was working in Guangdong Province, and traveled to Guangzhou just to spend the day with us (wouldn't you know, that was the day I had the stomach flu!). The following November, Suzie had the opportunity to travel to the US (Las Vegas)with the company she worked for, and took some extra time to fly out to Chicago to spend a weekend with us. When we returned to China in November 2004 to adopt Abbie, Suzie again met us for a day in Guangzhou. In the mean time, we have kept in close touch by e-mails, and also by Skyp, a free international internet calling service. The girls often talk about Suzie as if she were an actual member of the family, and sometimes, Hannah talks about what she and Suzie used to do together in China before we came to adopt her!

Yesterday, Suzie wrote in her blog about our family. It brought both Al and me to tears. Not because we think we're such amazing people, but because Suzie has always sort of made it a point to tell everyone she knows in China about our family (and the other families she met through us), and about how much we truly love and treasure these children we have made our own. I was touched and humbled to read her post, and grateful that more people in China will know how precious all these children are to all of us.

Anyway... here's the link to her blog: It's all in Chinese, except for the post about our family, dated September 12. She also posted photos of the girls. Take a peek...

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