Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Photo Update

We celebrated Abbie's two-year Gotcha Day in November with a family tradition. For each of the girls' Gotcha Days, we have dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaurant, and have a family photo taken while there. I bought a photo album in China, and it holds all these photos, including a photo of each of the girls' actual "Gotchas" in China. As you look through the photos, you can see our girls, and our family, growing!

My mom joined us for Thanksgiving, and roasted a beautiful turkey (worthy of a Norman Rockwell painting)!

Just a couple of days after Thanksgiving, Hannah finally lost her first tooth! The Tooth Fairy left her a little cash and some cute pencils with her name on them! But Hannah did not leave her tooth under her pillow for the Tooth Fairy to take. She is going to donate her teeth to the college down the road "so the students can study them!"

We had our first snow storm and Snow Day a couple of weeks ago (the snow's all gone now, boo-hoo!). We baked cookies, played games, made homemade play-doh, and, of course, played outside! Fun day!

It took me over 30 tries to get a good Christmas photo this year. Here is one of the outtakes!

Hannah had fun performing in her class Holiday Program. Here she is with her classroom Christmas tree...

...and with her teacher, Miss Michael.

Al and I had the privilege of singing and playing for our church's presentation of Handel's Messiah. Rachel and Abbie enjoyed play time in the play room, but Hannah got to attend the concert like a big girl! Here they are posing with their Daddy as he prepared to play oboe.


Amy said...

What great pics! Love the funny face! Amy

Becca said...

What great photo, even the outtakes! Thanks for sharing them.