Saturday, December 23, 2006

Rachel's Latest Performance

"How'd you like to spend Christmas
on Christmas Island?
How'd you like to hang your stocking
on a great big coconut tree?"
Last weekend, Rachel's new ballet school presented their Holiday Recital. Rachel's class did the cutest little hula ballet to the music of "Christmas Island" by Leon Redbone (I can't get that crazy song out of my head!). In contrast to last May's recital, when Rachel was apprehensive, and really wanted nothing to do with performing, this time she ate it up! She was excited to dance on stage, and even stayed still (relatively) while I did her hair and makeup. What a difference six months makes! She really enjoyed herself, and Al and I got so much joy from watching her have so much fun!

Practicing in the studio.

Dress rehearsal on stage.

All the little hula girls.

Flowers (yellow, of course) for our prima ballerina!

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Val said...

Love the hula girls and Christmas pics! CUTIES!! :o)

RYC: yes, the first one is from the finding ad in the newspaper (I was able to get the whole paper)'s sobering to see all the kids beside yours, and to think that God chose YOU to be THIS CHILD'S family.