Thursday, August 16, 2007


We found a wonderful VBS for the girls to attend this summer (this is the same VBS that finally convinced Abbie that using the potty consistently was a good thing!). New Life Church in Yorkville did a fantastic job! We knew nothing about the church or their VBS program, only that they were using this year's curriculum by Group Publishing (we've enjoyed Group's programs in the past, so I knew the content would be good, but what the church's VBS team did with it remained to be seen). There were so many wonderful, enthusiastic, caring adults and teens on that team, and our girls had a super time at Avalanche Ranch! Rachel was really apprehensive about going on that first morning, and nearly cried when I left. Fast forward three hours, and she was crying when I got back to pick her up because she didn't want to leave! "I'm having so much fun!"

On Friday night, they held a party at the church and the different age groups got to perform the songs from the program. Hannah is a natural on stage - she loves an audience! Rachel just looked like she was having fun. And Abbie... well, we've got another ham on our hands. She was probably one of the youngest children in the preschool class - definitely the tiniest. To see her doing all the "moves" with the bigger kids, singing along knowing all the words, well, it was a real treat!

The best part of the week for me, though, was listening to them talk about what they learned in the car on the way home. Hearing all three of my girls talk about how awesome our God is just filled my heart with such joy! They all love God so much and it's inspiring to me!

And for one full week, I had three hours each morning to myself to get stuff done! The biggest task was to take three school supply lists and get as much of that stuff bought as I could. I got everything on those lists - one huge chore done before we left on vacation! I spent over $100 at WalMart, and that was before I bought Hannah and Rachel's gym shoes! I remember when buying school supplies meant getting a cool Trapper Keeper to hold all your stuff and a lunch box with your latest favorite cartoon character on it. We won't even talk about school clothes...

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