Sunday, November 04, 2007

Organizational Challenge - Day 4

We're into Day 4 of the 30-Day Organizational Challenge, and I've made a bit of progress! I've tidied up the hooks behind the bedroom door, gotten all of the outgrown and out-of-season clothes and shoes out of the closet, and done the same with three of the dresser drawers. I've also done a bit of rearranging drawers so that things make more sense (like bulky sweaters in a deeper drawer). I am also learning that things have to get/look worse before they get/look better. But progress is being made, and it's exciting!

As promised, here are the "before" pictures (YIKES!). As Laura at Organizing Junkie says, there's nothing like some photographic evidence to hold us accountable. Not only that, but a really astonishing transformation might just win me one of those nifty prizes she's giving away!

OK, deep breath... here we go...

Note the tiny closet - smaller than a phone booth - for three (count 'em!) little girls. I have two bars and a tiny shelf to work with, as well as the back of the door. Very little floor space, too.

This is the back of the bedroom door. Lots of hooks, but also lots of stuff...

This built-in bookcase is right next to the door. The rocking chair was supposed to make it a cozy reading corner - it currently holds a stack of clothes that need to be tried on. Too many toys piled up. And a laundry basket full of clean laundry that needs to be stuffed into over-full drawers.

Rachel's corner. We hope to replace the toddler bed with a "Big Girl" twin bed this month. Also, I need to figure out something to do with all the pictures she likes to tape to her wall. Hey, what's the Curious George blanket I made for her doing on the floor? (Rachel's bed-making skills need a little tweaking.)

Hannah's corner. She needs a dust ruffle. Actually, I'd like to get matching quilts and ruffles for her and Rachel. She's got under-bed boxes for extra storage - I'll do the same with Rachel's new bed. Same issue with stuff on the walls. At least the blanket I made her is neatly folded at the foot of the bed!

This table sits between Hannah's and Rachel's beds. It's one of those inexpensive ones with the screw-on legs that works well, but needs a cloth and maybe a piece of glass on top. I also need to get new window shades. The one on the right is completely broken, the one on the left only works about 50% of the time. Also gotta wash, press and rehang the valances. And maybe do some nifty storage thing under the table once the cloth is on.

There's a beautiful carved wooden trunk from China under that pile of clothes, most of which are out-of-season...

Abbie's crib, which will be replaced with the toddler bed. She, too, has under-bed storage. She, too, has a thing for taping pictures to her wall!

We keep the Barbies and doll house upstairs, along with a few baby doll items. Gotta scale down and organize what's here. The wall hanging is embroidered silk, the photos are of a panda and the Great Wall - all from Hannah's adoption trip. Those are keepers!

The little shelf over this window holds little treasures from the girls' adoption trips. And a lot of dust. But I love how you can look out into the top of one of our trees from this window. This spring a cardinal built her nest in that tree right outside the window, and the girls got to watch her feed her babies just inches away!

Dressers covered with too many knick knacks, hair pretties and outgrown clothes...

Another cluttered dresser. The stacking baskets to the left hold diapers, pull-ups, wipes and changing pads. Obviously not needed at this point! But I love having a radio/tape/CD player in their room.

More toys (sigh)!

These shelves have really come in handy, but I'd like to replace them with something less bulky. The top shelf holds their clothes for the next day (it definitely helps to make mornings run more smoothly if I don't have to search for clean, matching clothes!). The second shelf holds their activity gear - gymnastics leotards, swim suits, ballet leotards and tights, and warmups for all three. Again, it's been helpful to be able to find these things quickly without rummaging through overstuffed drawers. The bottom shelf just holds more "stuff". I like the concept, but the shelves are just too big for their purpose. I have some good ideas, though, to replace them...

This bookcase sits in the hallway just outside the girls' room, and I'm including it in this project, as it hold only their stuff.

So there we have it - our girls' overcrowded room. But I have some wonderful ideas for this space, and I'd really like to actually spend as little money as possible (with the exception of Rachel's bed, I'd like to mainly use things we already have). I'll keep you posted on the progress, but will save all the "after" pictures for December 1st (which is only 26 days away - gasp!).


Jami said...

Looking good! Just wanted to wish you luck with the rest of the challenge.

Dawn said...

You have a lot to do, but it will be so nice when it's done. Good luck.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like lots of work and looks like Emma's room!! :) I had three girls in one room a few years ago. We used a bunk and trundle bed set-up. Can't wait to see the finished photos!

Ladybug Wendy