Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Organizational Challenge - Day 6

Slow progress is being made! I've done some brainstorming and made a list of the stuff I need to do as well as the stuff I need to get/buy. And I have cleaned out and organized 7 of 14 drawers. The big challenge was Abbie's sock and undies drawer. As each girl outgrows socks, if they're still in good shape, I just move them down to the next youngest girl's drawer. But for some reason, as Abbie outgrows socks, they just stay in her drawer. I could barely close it! So just before the girls went to bed last night, I emptied the contents into a Trader Joe's shopping bag (don'cha just love those?) and took it down to the living room. Once everyone was asleep, I spent the next hour sorting socks and tights and panties and undershirts while watching "Jon and Kate Plus 8" (I'm a huge fan of big family shows on TLC!). I found 12-month size socks (Abbie's 3 1/2 now!), dingy tights, and training panties. After pulling all those out, the drawer looks so much better now. All I have to do is go out and buy her some new tights (for some reason those just don't hand down well).

Today's plan: do the same for Hannah's and Rachel's socks and undies drawers (there are two more "Jon and Kate" episodes on tonight!), and have the girls try on a huge stack of clothes to see what fits and can be put back into the drawers. The rest goes into bins in the basement. I'll also take down and wash the valances. And I really need to get batteries in the two clocks in their rooms - neither one works right now!

Oh, and my friend Lisa has a steam cleaner for carpets that she'll let me borrow! I don't have to rent one! Thanks, Lisa!


Org Junkie said...

Hey great job doing a task while watching TV. I totally do that and it makes the whole process so much easier for sure! What a great space your girls room is, how exciting for them that they will soon have an organized space to call their own with systems in place that will make it easy for them to maintain. All the best to you with your challenge. Thanks for joining us!!


Crystal Paine said...

You won something on my blog. :)