Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Could This Be the Speed-Up We've Been Praying For?

I hopped on over to Rumor Queen this morning, and learned that dossiers logged in through February 9th have been matched with children and the families should be receiving their referrals any day now. The batch of referrals last month (August) contained only two LIDs, but this batch contains nine days! Praise God! I'm so afraid to get my hopes up that this is a sign of a speed-up. I've been praying so hard every month, and every month the batches have actually gotten smaller. The rumor is that things will speed up again after the Olympics. I see no logical explanation for that fact, yet here we are, just a week after the closing ceremonies, and with a larger-than-usual batch. Well, whatever the future holds, I am so grateful that the CCAA is nine days closer to matching our dossier with our Sarah! Please continue to pray for all waiting families that this batch is the beginning of a wonderful trend!

And if you'd like to read more inspirational stories of gratitude, drop on by Heavenly Homemakers every week for GratiTuesday!


Kristy said...

Just droppin' in to say 'hello'!
9 DAYS?? Wow - that is a huge amount. (can't believe I'm saying that, when we started this process it was 30 days at a time...remember?)
We'll be praying for a speed-up to continue.
Have to mention, all those cousins (along with your babies) are bee-u-tahful!!!
Blessings ~

Shalee said...

You know, I love how God creates ways to bring about his will in ways that we don't understand. It gives me pause to praise him all the more for his hand in all things... even when we can't see how it's possible.

Laura said...

Wow...that is SO exciting! I pray that this is exactly the speed-up you've been asking for!

Amy said...

Wow! What a blessing that would be for these babies and their families! So good to hear from you. We've gotten a new computer and "my favorites" did not transfer over. So now you are saved and I can check back soon. :)