Saturday, August 08, 2009

Making Memories, Part 2

We've finished the first week of August already! The summer is flying by, and we've done lots of fun things this past month...

  • Hannah attended a friend's birthday sleepover
  • Went to a Kane County Cougars game with some of Abbie's China group
  • Learned about bees at a local forest preserve program
  • Al played oboe at church, and I sang a few times
  • All three girls saw the dentist - NO CAVITIES for any of them!
  • Saw Kit Kittredge at the movie theater - $1 each for tickets, but spent nearly $20 on snacks
  • Went to Splash Country with friends from Hannah's China group
  • Saw another movie at the Purple Store in Kaneville
  • Learned about butterflies at another forest preserve program
  • Had some new friends over for lunch and play time
  • Heard a friend's band play at our church
  • Went to Kiddieland in Melrose Park with Hannah's China group
  • Hosted a Knitting Day here - six moms, 14 kids, yummy lunch, lots of fun, not so much knitting
  • Attended a Homemade Gourmet party and got to know some more moms from the girls' school
  • Had several play dates with girls' friends from school
  • All three girls enjoyed a week of Chinese Culture Camp - I worked in the kitchen that week and really enjoyed it (though I was exhausted every evening!)
  • Al and I attended a concert by a virtuoso erhu player (erhu-ist?) at Fermilab
  • Spent a Sunday afternoon at Shedd Aquarium and had dinner that evening in Chinatown
  • Girls enjoyed a week of VBS
  • Checked out a couple of new gymnastics schools for Hannah
  • Got all three girls' school supplies bought
  • Ongoing shopping for First Day of School outfits, sneakers, activity clothes, backpacks, etc.
  • Attended the tenth wedding anniversary celebration of friends from Abbie's China group
  • Celebrated my Fortysomethingth birthday
  • Al went to Maine to play oboe for his niece's wedding

Hope to post pictures soon - pictures I'll be taking with the new camera Al got me for my birthday!

Just a couple of weeks left before school starts - more fun planned!

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Jackie said...

Happy belated birthday! You'll have to share the date with me so I can get it on my birthday calendar. We won't let it pass unnoticed again!