Monday, August 03, 2009

How Things Get Out of Control Around Here

So I made homemade mac and cheese for lunch today. And there was SO much left over that I needed to put it away in a container in the refrigerator...

1. Noticed there were no containers in my cabinet (except for the little tiny ones I send to school in the girls' lunches).
2. Looked in the refrigerator to see if they could possibly all be in there, holding leftovers.
3. Suddenly recognized The Horror.
4. Took everything out of the refrigerator and either threw it away or put it on the counter.
5. Took drawers and shelves out to scrub.
6. Except the door doesn't open more than a 90-degree angle from the fridge. So I had to move the whole fridge out from its little alcove so I could open the door wider and remove one drawer and the bottom shelf.

So right now...
- my trash barrel is full of garbage,
- my counters are covered with food,
- my sink is full of dirty containers,
- my refrigerator is stuck out in the middle of the kitchen at an odd angle.

And the leftover mac and cheese is still in the crock pot...


Kathleen said...

I am feeling you sister...our summer is spinning and I have caught a cold of all things. How in the world does that happen in the summer? I will be better soon it is not bad but today was hair day and I am so tired I can't even see straight. My girls are complaining that they still don't have clean clothes to wear and my house, well don't even go there. Good luck with the Mac&cheese!!!

Sara said...

Oh, Becky, I hear you! A similar thing happened with a load of laundry over here today. Thanks for giving the craziness a humorous spin!

Jackie said...

I can just see this all unfolding. I thought for sure we'd hear about what was behind the fridge...or did you just not get there yet? That would be the scary part at our house. That, and the dust in the coils. Haven't looked at those in a while.

I hope the mac and cheese found a chilly home!