Friday, November 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

Evidently, middle schoolers can wear their pajamas and get away with calling it a "costume"!

Since Rachel took so long to decide what she wanted to dress up as, I literally slapped this Red Riding Hood cape together in an hour on the day before Halloween. Never want to cut it that close again!

Abbie's got Kaneland spirit!

Cowboy Dave's got a lot of style!

Ready for trick-or-treating!


Lisa said...

oh my, Anna was...are you ready for this?? PJ girl!!!! It must be a 6th grade thing!! they all look great

Bobbi said...

OK, so Cassie went as "boy" for three houses, then Cassie the rest of the time....think she is outgrowing it. But, she had fun with some of her friends.

Loved little red riding hood. So many times we have done that with Krista, as she isn't a big Halloween costume fan!! Abbie and David were adorable too!!