Thursday, November 03, 2011

Rachel's Poetry

Our little poet, picking blueberries in Vermont this summer.

 Last night, at Parent Teacher Conferences, Rachel's fourth grade teacher presented me with some of the poetry that Rachel has been writing in class. With Rachel's permission, I present two of our favorites here...

Poems by Rachel Cormier, age 9

Going to the pet store to get the perfect pet,
I'm going to get the best one that you will never forget.
I spy a little brown puppy,
That's the cutest one so far,
But what about that silver fish that shines just like a star?
That little orange tabby is the shade of a tangerine,
Although that little hermit crab looks the roughest one I've seen.
That bunny rabbit probably can jump up really high,
But that colorful parrot flies like an airplane in the sky.
Too many pets, too many pets,
They have to, have to stop!
Maybe I should have thought of that before I bought the shop!

Food Chain
The worm ate an apple that was juicy, ripe and red.
The bird ate the worm and that's all that I have said.
The bobcat ate the bird and that's all that I can see.
I could have made this poem longer if it hadn't eaten me!

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