Friday, November 11, 2011

Sixth Grade Chorus Concert

Last night, the 6th Grade Chorus at Harter Middle School performed a beautiful concert. Instead of the usual Holiday Concert that many ensembles present, the Chorus sang selections to honor our veterans on this Veterans Day.

Students were invited to bring in photos of family members who have served in the military. The photos were displayed on the walls leading into the concert.
Hannah brought in pictures of her Great Grandfather, Albert Skalski (my Grampie)...
...and of her Dad!
The 6th Grade Chorus. Hannah had a great spot, front and center. There are some advantages to being petite!
Sing "ooooooo"...
Sing "aaaaaah"...
Hannah's made some great friends in Chorus.
Her friend, Gracie, sang a lovely solo.
Hannah just loves her Chorus director, Mrs. Grant!
We're so proud of our lovely musician!

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