Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abbie's First Day of School

This has been a season of "firsts" in our family! Abbie started preschool this month! My baby is growing up so fast!

Like all the teachers at Hand In Hand Christian Preschool, Mrs. Livingston is absolutely wonderful!

Abbie's ready to go!

I just love this old-fashioned dress I got her for the first day. Can you believe I got it at Kohl's? (Can you believe her pose?)

Our sweet preschooler!

Rachel, a Hand In Hand alumna, came with us to take Abbie to school. Here's a big goodbye Sister Hug!

The first thing the children do when they enter the classroom is wash their hands. Abbie's learning the routine.

Abbie shows off her new school bag, which we will decorate in "pink and purple and jewels"!


live2qlt said...

The girls have changed so much! Abbie looks so grown up in these photos. I hope Abbie loves preschool. Erin loves it too but is having some issues with sharing which resulted in some tears yesterday. Her teacher said she's strong-willed and I just had to agree.

Lisa said...

She looks so cute! Can't wait to get together soon.