Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Encouraging News

The China adoption boards are all a-buzz with the latest news. According to the China Center for Adoption Affairs' website, the August 2006 LIDs are out of the review room. Since we haven't heard anything from our agency, that means that there were no red flags or documents to re-do in our dossier. So in this case, no news is good news. Now we wait to be matched with our Sarah (and wait... and wait...).

Unless, of course, the fact that we haven't heard anything is because the CCAA never even received our dossier.

OK, I really need to relax...


Sue said...

GREAT news!!! Now the even harder part...wait for referral!

Glad to read that the girls are all enjoying school. The photos are very sweet!

Sue B

Lisa said...

You are out of review! Hip Hip Hooray!!!