Thursday, September 27, 2007

You Won't Believe What I've Been Doing!

OK, so my friend Lisa is really into re-discovering the old homemaking skills. So she decided she was going to start canning. And so I decided to give it a try with her, especially after tasting the delicious blueberry jam she produced on her first try!

We made strawberry and peach jams on our first afternoon, and apple butter on our second. I'm hoping to make a batch of homemade applesauce this weekend. It's really incredibly easy to do, and particularly fun when you're sharing the time with a really good girlfriend. We cooked and chatted, chatted and cooked, and the time just flew by!

Our future projects include homemade bread, sewing, knitting, and cross stitch. Looks like it's gonna be a homemade Christmas this year, folks!

First, we cut up loads of fresh fruit...

...then cooked it up...

...and ladled it into jars.

After a hot-water bath to seal the jars, we set them out to cool.

Don't all those full jars look wonderful? Such abundance!

Our children kept busy playing games and dress-up.

Two tired, happy homemakers enjoying the "fruits" of their labor! (OK, go ahead and groan!)

One of my favorite parts of the afternoon was when Rachel wandered into the kitchen and announced, "Boy, it sure smells fruity in here! Yummmm!"


Amy said...

Yummy! Nothing is better than homemade jam!! Can you post the recepie? I tried to make some one time and it was a total failure.
I have a break machine and love it! I have a great recepie for honey wheat bread that the kids love.
If you ever want to make homemade pizza I have finally found a great recepie for dough. My kids loved it and they love making the pizza! Might do it tonight!

Kim said...

I'm impressed! My mother canned a lot from her garden and it was always so delicious...but I have never done it.

I think it is great to do this...and much healthier than store bought,too!

Fun pictures!