Saturday, September 08, 2007

Art Museum Trip

One thing I wanted to do while we were in Rhode Island was to visit the Rhode Island School of Design Museum. The admission fees were very reasonable (the three girls, my mom and I paid $14 total), so I figured even a brief visit would be worth it. I knew Rachel and Abbie wouldn't last very long, but Hannah has really shown an interest in art, so I though she might enjoy our time there. Well, Hannah loved it, and even Rachel and Abbie lasted an hour - until Rachel lost her gallery map and completely fell apart! But it was a worthwhile excursion, and I am hoping to find another small art museum to take them to in the future.
In one large room, the walls were covered, floor-to-ceiling, with paintings. Hannah really enjoyed this room and spent a lot of time looking at all the different pictures.

Rachel and Abbie, imitating one of Degas' bronze ballet statues.

Hannah and my mom checking out the Egyptian mummy. I remember seeing that mummy when I was on elementary school field trips! I'm so glad Hannah could have that experience, too!

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