Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Making Memories, Part 1

Sometime last week, I realized that June was over, July had begun, and we'd hardly done anything on our "Fun Things To Do This Summer" list! Then I went back through my calendar and noticed that, yes, we had already done a lot. Maybe not "big stuff" like water parks or a vacation, but certainly lots of things that would make for some great memories for the girls (and Al and me, too). And since I want to actually remember some of this stuff this fall, I'm making a list here...
  • My BFF Linda visited for 10 days
  • Linda and I painted my laundry room
  • She and I took the girls to Chicago by train, rode the water taxi to Michigan Avenue, ate lunch at the Walnut Room in Marshall Field's (I refuse to call it Macy's), and went to the Art Institute where the girls drew in their sketch books
  • Went to a free movie at the library
  • Signed up for Summer Reading at Barnes and Noble and our library
  • Spent a weekend with Hannah's China group at our friends' Greg and Betty's (an annual tradition)
  • Swimming lessons for Rachel and Abbie
  • Basketball camp for Hannah
  • My mom visited us for a week
  • Had the girls portraits taken
  • We've eaten a lot of ice cream
  • Abbie had her first eye exam for Kindergarten, and I got new bifocal contacts
  • Saw a movie outdoors at the Purple Store (Hill's General Store) in Kaneville
  • Went to the huge annual Wilton tent sale
  • Planning for, purchasing for, and beginning several projects for Christmas gifts, both knitting and sewing
  • Lots of visits to the library
  • Took my mom and the girls to Blackberry Farm
  • Completed another round of Immigration paperwork for Sarah's adoption
  • Discovered what a wonderful movie "Singing in the Rain" is and watched it several times
  • Planted a little garden (tomatoes and green beans) - watching it grow like crazy
  • Visited Garfield Historic Farm where we dipped candles, spun wool and chased chickens
  • Made some yummy jams with my friend, Jackie
  • Had a BBQ with friends
  • Saw Ice Age 3 in 3D
  • Spent an afternoon at Lake Geneva
  • Sang and played at church on several Sundays
  • Had play time and lunch at a new park we learned about
  • Had a play date with Rachel's China friend, Jasmine
  • Took the girls on a "firefly walk" one evening at a local forest preserve
  • Ate more ice cream

And that's just through the first week of July! Our calendar is quite full already for the rest of the summer until the girls go back to school on August 26th. And while we won't be taking any big trips or vacations this summer, I think it's the little outings and activities that will make lots of great memories for the girls!


Kathleen said...

Thanks for the idea of a list...We don't realize how much we have done until we start to think about it and write it down. I think you are such a special mom and I know you and your girls are having fun filling your days with great memories....

Jackie said...

This inspires me to make a list of all we've done. I felt like we did a lot, but the past two weeks have been floundering. Maybe because of the anniversary party this week? Who knows. We still have four weeks before school. Lots to see and do!

And, I'm so glad to have made the list. It was a highlight for me. We have to get the next jamming session on the calendar!