Sunday, July 26, 2009



The sister of one of my knitting friends was looking for a new home for this sweet little hamster. We had a hamster a few years ago, but she only lived about two months. Al and I discussed it, and decided it was time to try having a pet again. So Ida joined our family.

We are all enjoying her very much! She sleeps pretty much throughout the day, but she perks up in the evenings. And her rattling around in her wheel keeps me company at night and in the early morning while the girls are sleeping.
We love you, Ida! Welcome to our crazy family!


Kathleen said...

This new hamster is bringing smiles to my kids faces. David and Ida had a good laugh over the hamster's name on Tuesday when they had lunch together. Your girls are great and the new little critter is cute!!!

alexia bales said...