Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Pictures... So Far!

In early June, we spent a weekend with Hannah's China group visiting one of the families in the Quad Cities - this is the fifth year of our tradition. We stayed at a hotel with a pool, and the girls had lots of fun swimming and splashing.

Our Hannah, cruising around on a pool noodle!

Abbie, relaxing on a fish...

...and of course, Rachel, having a blast in the water!

We visited a small, but excellent zoo in the area that weekend.

Abbie and Rachel feed an impatient goat...

...while Hannah and her friend Abbie feed two more docile critters.

Abbie got to feed a bird.

Our family loves to visit historical museums, and there are two right in our area. First, we visited Blackberry Pioneer Village in Aurora.

Hannah and a turkey check each other out.

Rachel grinds some coffee the old-fashioned way.

The girls enjoyed the old one room schoolhouse.

We also spent a beautiful afternoon at Garfield Historic Farm in LaFox.

Rachel and Abbie play checkers with slices of dried corn cobs.

Hannah talks history with one of the guides.

This wonderful lady taught me a lot about spinning. It's a hobby/craft I'd love to enjoy someday!

Rachel was great at the hoop game.

Hannah learned about dipping candles in tallow.
Abbie wrung out a clean shirt.

Laundry isn't nearly this fun at home!

Enjoying my favorite animals, the sheep!

We had some friends in for a barbecue the day before the Fourth of July. I have always wanted to make one of those American flag cakes like in the magazines. Not especially pretty, but the spirit was there!

It's always more fun to eat outside, especially with good friends!

Every holiday, Al goes running with some friends in Wheaton. On the Fourth of July, Hannah joined him for the first time. She's becoming quite a runner, just like her Daddy!

I took the girls on a firefly walk at a forest preserve in St. Charles. They loved watching the fireflies twinkle over the high prairie grasses, and they even caught some. And it was a real treat to stay up so late!

We met some friends from Abbie's China group at a Kane County Cougars game. Here, the girls are hanging out at the fence (actually, on the fence), watching the catcher warm up.
Rachel, Abbie, and the girls!

There was a fireworks show to enjoy after the game was over.

Lots more to come - stay tuned...


Kathleen said...

Wow, you are having one special summer!! I love the baseball photos(my gang would have been on the fence too!)and your cake looks yummy. I have always wanted to make one and I have not done it yet. I am glad you are all making special summer memories and staying busy. Summer is the best!!!

Miss you guys:)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

What precious photos you have posted here of your girls. Everyone SO darling. Thanks for stopping by to let me know about your vintage family pics. I sure enjoyed scrolling down and looking at them all. And yes, your mom does look like Audrey Hepburn. : )

Jackie said...

Hey Becks,
Just found these pics. So glad you posted them. Those are the ones I love most from my batch, too!