Friday, February 12, 2010

From Start to Finish

We compiled and submitted our dossier for our fourth child in the summer of 2006. Three and a half years later, we are finally near the end of that journey.

In July 2006, Abbie was 2 1/2 years old. She came with me into Chicago to have the documents of our dossier sealed by the Chinese Consulate. I took pictures of our exciting errand.

Today, Abbie (now nearly 6) joined me as I drove into Chicago to pick up our travel visas at the Chinese Consulate. I thought a few pictures were in order.

Here are a few "Then and Now" shots...

July 2006 - outside the building

February 2010 - outside

July 2006 - just outside entrance to the Consulate offices

February 2010

July 2006

February 2010

One other difference: this time, the security guard in the Consulate came out and scolded me for taking pictures!


Karin Katherine said...

Wow, what a long wait you've had. I love how the pictures are taken in the exact same spots!

Cannot wait to see pics of you holding your precious son.

Bobbi said...

ok, had to chuckle that you got scolded, but love the then and now's!! Great idea